About US

In 2014, the company offered disposable e-cigarettes to the UK market. They were filled with the liquids of tobacco and fruit extracts, due to which they deservedly received a worthy assessment of customers.

In the course of time, the popularity of electronic cigarettes passed to more powerful vaporizers. It was necessary to change liquids content for their usage. Ceasing to produce electronic cigarettes, the company, having modernized recipes, switched to the production of liquids.

In order to maintain the competitive value of the products, the production was relocated to Eastern Europe; where there took place the processing of tobacco and fruit, which is followed by their extraction. The laboratory for creating tastes and technologies remained in England.

Today, there are produced seven types of products. Liquids of tobacco extracts. Liquids with the addition of flavors. There have been independently developed aroma concentrates of tobacco and fruit extracts, as well as flavor concentrates for those fans who love to prepare mixtures. Simply diluting the concentrate in the recommended 1: 2 ratio (one part of the concentrate: two parts of the base) this will result in a mono taste. If combining with mono tastes by yourself, you can create your favorite bouquets and flavors.

At the beginning of 2018 Juicy Smoke started to extract nicotine out of tobacco raw materials, and developed a recipe of nicotine salt.

Parallel to this, there was used a methods to determine the nicotine concentration in liquids, which is presented in the Express Nicotine Test.

Working for you, the company follows two mottos:

The First One – Quality! The Second One – Affordable price!