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  • From Matthew on Flavour concentrates for DIY

    Different tastes, I liked everything, it is even difficult to pointout something, everything is cool. I will continue to try.

  • From Mark on Flavour concentrates for DIY

    Flavors should definitely worth trying. Not so long ago I received this set, so far I have only been mixing it with only a few flavors, but my opinion is purely positive.

  • From Angelica on Flavour concentrates for DIY

    As for me, add strawberries and cola. Nice stuff. Apricot is weaker than banana, but it is ok

  • From Eugene on Flavour concentrates for DIY

    I am not a fan of sweets, but chocolate is very pleasant to vape and smell. And, although, this doesn’t seem to be a tobacco flavor, it feels very good and does not get bored.

  • From David on Flavour concentrates for DIY

    I like the tastes of soda. In my very first order, there was a small 10ml bottle of Coca-Cola e-liquid, which is what one needs!

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