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  • From Thomas on Flavour concentrates for DIY

    Got your self-mixing set. It is easy to vape, thank you!

  • From Rosalyn on Fruit and dessert E-Juices

    Duchess pears, however, there is not only pear notes, but a lot of other things, it came out in an original way, and the peach is very nice, and the box will fit.

  • From Scot on Fruit and dessert E-Juices

    If talking about the minuses, maybe the fact that mango seems to be ‘less’, or rather becomes softer, and the taste becomes less sharper and brighter.

  • From Olivia on Fruit and dessert E-Juices

    For a self-mix we need test box – it is a pity that I did not come across it before.

  • From Caroline on Fruit and dessert E-Juices

    I liked the pineapple for the most part. There is not so much pineapple there as by the other manufacturers, so it does not push you away.

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